Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hospitality Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Hospitality Management - Essay ExampleAll the group members are always willing to participate and contribute ideas when setting goals, objectives, targets, polity and procedures of the team. They also rely on and trust one another such that a member fundament share and value different ideas of other members. The team encourages effective communication, consideration of other viewpoints, and tolerance to confusion. The motto of the team is to seek alternatives that all members can agree, support and implement the decision of the team.The team uses a parliamentary leadership style that includes and engages all members of the team. It also employs a blend of intuitive and rational decision making approaches to have effective decision making. The team encourages valuing of a diversity of background and experience in the team, and contributions of a diversity of viewpoints to enable it have sound decisions and better solutions. In the case of a conflict, the team handles it openly and transparently to prevent grudges from building up and destroy team morale. Responsibilities and roles are clearly defined to help the team members fathom what they are supposed to do. This creates members commitment to the team that supports it success. The bond among members of the team allows them faultlessly to coordinate their work to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. The culture of the team inspires members to be open, positive future-focused, and transparent. With all these, the team can create a positive atmosphere that helps it deliver success (Schermerhorn. 170).However, members have gone through some team dynamics and challenges that try to demotivate and demoralise them. For instance, a year after the team started a new team member caused friction with the established members and as a result, they tended to oppose any changes the member act to introduce. Later on the wrangle was cleared up through communication of roles and responsibilities of each member. Also, at the

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